contemporary texts

premiered: 4 November 2021

Târgu Mureș National Theater, Liviu Rebreanu Company, Great Hall

Appropriate audience: 16+ years old

The director’s intention

The show “Untold Things” is a poetic comedy, a show about harsh truths about love being simply and naturally told. The show follows different types of love; maternal love, the almost mature in a marriage type of love, the love-lust honeymoon of lovers, and the functional love that works for married people, but it has lost its passion. Untold Things is mostly about today’s meanings of masculine and feminine, about the balance and dynamic between men and women, by looking at society’s norms, by looking at what is accepted and enforced, and by looking at today’s expectations of love.


Irina arrives at her colleagues’ country house, Tudor and Bogdan, two brothers who both love her and work with Irina at a publicist agency. In the three days and three nights they spend together, their main task is to make an addition for salami, but they start to confess things they never told each other. By meeting other simpler guys from the countryside, friends of the two brothers, Irina starts to see different perspectives and questions her relationship with her fiance, who waits for her to return, but she has to decide what to do.


Text: Leta Popescu and Maria Manolescu Borșa
Artistic direction: Leta Popescu
Dramaturgy: Mihai Păcurar
Music: Magor Bocsárdi
Stage movement/ Choreography: Mihai Mihalcea
With: Dan Rădulescu, Georgiana Ghergu, Cristian Iorga, Ștefan Dogaru, Laura Mihalache,Theo Marton, Ştefan Mura, Andi Gherghe, Mihai Crăciun, Luchian Pantea, Tiberius Vasiniuc
Prompter: Laura Moldovan
Technical direction: Stelian Chiţacu

Photo credit: Cristina Gânj (Bristena)