Leta Popescu

Leta Popescu (b.1989, Galați-RO) started working for the Romanian theater scene in 2013. During the 7 years of activity, she has been directing theatre performances for The National Theaters of Cluj, Timișoara, Craiova, Târgu Mureș. Simultaneously she worked with private companies/NGO’s of the Romanian independent theater sector: Reactor Cluj, Paintbrush Factory, Replika-Bucharest and many more. Leta is interested in Romanian contemporary dramaturgy, but also dramatizes contemporary prose herself. Some of the playwrights she collaborated with are: Peca Ștefan, Elise Wilk, Mihaela Michailov, Maria Manolescu Borșa etc. 

The shows that bear her signature were selected in the most important Romanian theater festivals of the moment, such as: The National Festival Bucharest, FEST-FDR (Festival of Dramaturgy, Timișoara), Festival of New Theater Arad. Also, the shows got reviews in significant theater magazines: Observatorul Cultural, Scena.ro, Scena 9, Revista Yorick, Dilema Veche. 

In 2018-2020, Leta worked on a project called “Colaj” (Collage) – a trilogy happening in 3 different Romanian cities. The 3 shows explore the notion of vulnerability, each seen from 2 perspectives; it is the reason why each show bears a “double” name: (IN)VISIBLE (premiered in February 2019), (IN)CREDIBLE (premiered in May, 2019) and (IN)CORRECT (premiered in February, 2020). For the portofolio click here. 

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Photo Credits: Andra Salaoru, Ioana Ofelia, Irina Iacob, Robert Puțeanu.