Leta Popescu (Nicoleta Oana Popescu) is a PhD Student Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Theatre and Television. Leta Popescu’s proposal is a research paper called “The Functions of the Theater Institution in the Community”. Until now, she has published:

in Symbolon Journal the paper “The Construction of The Repertoire, From Document to Implementation”;
in magazine, titled as follows: “Freedom and Responsibility in State Theaters”, “In Search of Integrity: What is Our Profession About These Days?” and “A Theater’s Mission”.
She is also responsible for the column “Attitudes in Romanian theater” in which she publishes letters from practitioners.

Abstract: To find out what is the mission of theatres in Romania today, I ventured on a journey through legislation, specification books and statements found on the site of each theatre. We will make this virtual tour together to discover how, for the most part, theatres copy the formula given by the law and express their mission as follows: ”to promote cultural-artistic, local and universal values, nationally and internationally, as well as audience development, increasing public access to these values”. However, the above-mentioned law presents us more objectives that an institution director must take into account as “diversifying and developing the performing arts” and “affirming the cultural identities of national minorities through the performing arts”.
[from Symbolon no.36]