contemporary scripts

premiered: 30 June 2021

Apollo Theater 111, Bucharest

The director’s intention

What do we inherit from our mothers and what does it mean to be a woman? These are the questions that have been occupying my mind for as long as I can remember. In that sense, I also wanted to do this playwright that the Vanner Collective recommended and challenged me to do/build. The challenge was to find a balance between our view on femininity and feminism and the Canadian authors’ view. By blending and doing justice to both Romanian and Canadian culture, with huge differences between the feminine prototypes and the different cultural views on femininity, our hybrid performance was born. We are somewhere “in between”.


Cassandra is a writer who loses her voice the day she has to write and read her mother’s eulogy. Losing the mother figure in her life triggers a process of self-analysis in a comic-absurd way that leads Cassandra in her struggle to find her place, to understand her own femininity, where she starts to make fun of the social norms she inherited from her mom. The performance starts on a sarcastic and provocative note, diving into the journey through this woman’s mind.


Text: Norah Sadava & Amy Nostbakken (Mouthpiece în original)

Translation: Denisa Nicolae
Directed by: Leta Popescu
Dramaturgy: Tudor Prodan
Music: Mihai Dobre
Stage choreography: Ștefan Lupu
Musical training: Oana Pușcatu
Sound: Daniel Octavian Nae
Lights: Marius Nitu

With: Denisa Nicolae and Mihaela Velicu

Thank you to: Cristina Milea, Andrei Mihai, Roxana Jitaru, Miruna Gheorghiță, Mădălina Haiducu

Photo credit: Sorin Florea, Isidor Popescu


“I found in Leta Popescu’s show an appetite for playfulness and confession that I haven’t seen in a long time. And I think without this appetite and lust, we could never have talked about us and our parents, about ourselves, about our frustrations, our dreams, our questions, our curiosities, our drama, our fights, and self-discoveries through our parents. I found humor where I never expected to be (…) and I saw a fresh and new team of actors and a space that I believe we all truly need. “

Cristina Modreanu – – Femininity as an endurance test: Cassandra at Apollo 111

Cassandra is one of the refreshing shows in this post-pandemic start/ time.”

Oana Stoica – Dilema Veche – What I inherited from my mom

“With this premiere, Leta Popescu succeeds in creating an entire show dressed in a performative structure, a show that is coherent with her signature directing style. She brings us a vibrant lecture through a playwright that was recommended to her by Vanner Collective, who together share an interest in exploring feminist themes in order to build together a critical reflection of inter-generational conflicts.”

Oana Cristea Grigorescu – – “Mother, this is for you”

“The performance is a well-conjoined organism that tells a story with a lot of emotion and sense. You will laugh, you will have fun, you will be freighted by the substantial percentage in which you will relate and find yourself in the stories that are amplified by the character’s voice, that plays two simultaneous roles, you will feel empathy and guilt, and in the end, you will have time to reflect and time to enjoy the aesthetic pleasure”

Alina Epîngeac – – I am Cassandra, Cassandra is me