Get out of the sun

contemporary scripts
Appropriate audience: 16+ years old

premiered: 6 September 2021

Reactor de creație și experiment, Cluj-Napoca

The director’s intention

With the “Get out of the Sun” performance, I wanted to check out something from my personal list, so I decided to make a funeral for: the mentor and its inheritance, militant political theater, fragmentary dramaturgy, and the new forms that pretend to be new. From this huge funeral, I hope something will be reborn from it. We don’t know what will rise from the aches, but we will see it in the next project. Until then, I invite my audience to come and watch an auto-ironic comedy about the struggle to overcome your conditions.


In the pandemic year, a group of young aspiring artists try to make a show about the gap between generations, together with a director who is a generation older than them. Between the zoom meetings, drafts with failed texts, and the effort of engaging in real dialogue, everything becomes a delirious theater show, a desperate search for rhetorical questions.


Text by: Alexa Băcanu with the help of others from the team
Directed by: Leta Popescu
With: Andreea Ajtai, Radu Dogaru, Raluca Mara, Oana Mardare, Cosmin Stănilă, Adonis Tanța
Participating: Alexandru Dabija, Ionuț Caras, Ramona Dumitrean, Anca Hanu, Radu Lărgeanu, Alexandra Tarce, Irina Wintze
Dramaturgy: Mihai Păcurar
Costumes and wardrobe: Teodora Frîncu
Music: Radu Dogaru and Adonis Tanța
Stage movement/ choreography : Mihai Mihalcea
Director’s assistants : Irisz Kovacs and Ana Maria Țîrlea
For audience: 16+ years old

credit photo: Mihai Păcurar