Opening: October 1, 2020

Replika Center for Educational Theatre, Bucharest

Director’s Intent

Working at Trapped in Covid-19 pandemic remains – for me – the period most loaded with questions about theatrical art, means and purpose. I respond with a critical comedy, a show turned into a movie, a movie turned into a filmed show. Through the intersection of the two I carry on my own research and tell you, together with the team, a story about us, those trapped on so many levels.


We are in a totalitarian empire, in the midst of a hidden pandemic. At the Health Parade, the little girl of the Minister of Culture says: “the emperor is coughing!”. But in this story, the crowd does not agree with the child, and the girl and her parents are locked in a secret place. The parents are looking for solutions to save themselves without knowing that the girl has a video camera hidden in her doll.

Production Team

Written by Maria Manolescu Borșa
Directed by Leta Popescu
Set Design: Gabi Albu
Sound Design: Andrei Raicu
Lighting Design: Radu Apostol
With: Mihaela Rădescu, Viorel Cojanu, Silvana Negruțiu, Maria Cioclov

Filming: Andreea Lăcătuș, Leta Popescu, Radu Apostol
Editing: Andreea Lăcătuș
Make-up: Karina Dumitru
Photos: Isidor Popescu, Ioana Ofelia
Thanks to: Cristi Niculescu, Ovidiu Cioclov

Photo credit: Ioana Ofelia, film captures