Everything Is Allright! 

Theatre for Young Audiences

Opening: December 15, 2017

Replika Center for Educational Theatre, Bucharest

Director’s Intent 

I was invited, together with the playwright Alexa Bacanu, to do an artistic residency at Replika, and we chose our research to be on sexual education. We experimented with the power of participatory theater by purposely provoking the public in order to facilitate family communication on this subject. We created a calm and intimate atmosphere; we divided the stage with a semi-transparent curtain. The parents were separated from the children at the entrance and by using lights we lead the interaction between the two camps.


The show is meant for parents and children between 11 and 15, they are encouraged to come together. The show talks about physical, emotional and intellectual, changes that happen during adolescence. The public receives a kit that contains a small blackboard, chalk, a bell, a piece of paper and a pen. Both the parents and children are invited to participate during the show by writing, grading or to ring the bell when they agree with what they hear on stage. 

Artistic Team

Texts by Alexa Băcanu, Viorel Cojanu, Silvana Negruțuiu, Leta Popescu
Directed by Leta Popescu
Dramaturgy: Alexa Băcanu
Set Design: arh. Gabi Albu
Lighting Design: Radu Apostol
With: Viorel Cojanu, Silvana Negruțiu
* Psychological Consultant: Carmen Anghelescu

Photo credits: Andrei Runcanu, Dragoș Dumitru

Festivals and Tours

National Theatre Festival Bucharest, October 2018
Bucharest Fringe – Independent Theater Marathon, October 2018 (winning the Originality Award)
Sibiu Young Festival, November 2018
“Everything is very normal – Dialogue without taboos” Tour, with two performances in Cluj, one in Zalău, one in Brăila. A performance took place in Fălticeni – during the “Grigore Vasiliu Birlic” International Youth Theater Festival; 2018-2019


Shows like “Everything is alright” are great ways to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere to which children, parents and teacher are able to open themselves up to taboos. For some it might be the spark that starts conversations on more sensible topics.

Ionuț Dulămiță – Scena 9- Everything Is Alright

The director Leta Popescu thought of a participatory show, created for young people between 11 and 15, in which adults and children debate, hidden by a game, the sexual education in school. The kids are separated from their parents and are placed mirroring each other.  The actors Silvana Negrutiu and Viorel Cojanu lead the public through the game.

Oana Stoica – Dilema Veche – Sexual Education