The Missing

Theatre for Young Audiences

Opening: 21 September, 2015

REACTOR – a place for creative experiments, Cluj-Napoca

Director’s Intent

I consider it absolutely necessary that our generation needs to create its own audience through projects that would be interesting to teenagers. And how else could you earn an audience other than addressing it directly? For “The Missing” I visited high-schools and talked to young people. I started workshops and I also met a lot of high school students through non-scholastic activities. I found what they’re scared of, what their hopes are, their opinions on the school system they are a part of. Together with my team we’ve created a show that presents young people that they have reason to be dissatisfied and that the weapons they can use are their courage and their imagination.


Starting from a definite event, the disappearance of a student, the show follows the reaction, relation and the way five adolescences react to the world around them, after they’ve been brought together by circumstances not by affinity.  Although the high-school hierarchy puts them in very strict roles, the differences between them are superficial at best—if you look past them, they are united by the same perspective they have towards the authority figures that limits their potential, towards the education that tries to mold them to fit a certain mold, and towards the media that shows absurd spectacles just for rating’s sake.

Artistic Team

Written by Alexa Băcanu
Directed by Leta Popescu
With: Carina Bunea, Alexandra Caras, Cătălin Filip, Alina Mișoc, Endre Racz/Csepei Zsolt, Timea Udvari
Producer: Reactor – a place for creative experiments
Partners: Reciproca and Váróterem Projekt

* The show is part of the TeenSpirit project, a Reactor platform for teenagers, which aims to bring them closer to culture and alternative education.

Photo credit: Robert Puțeanu

Festivals and Tours

TROC – Educational Theater Network, Replika Center for Educational Theatre Bucharest, March 2016
TeenSpirit#2 Tour, The North Theater, April 2016
International Theatre Festival for Young Audience Iași, October 2016